Crownless is made using open source tools, here is a list of them.

Main Tools

  • FrameworkLÖVE (aka Love2d). Love2d is an open-source cross-platform framework which uses Lua as it’s scripting language. The code for Crownless was written in Lua.

    While Love doesn’t have an IDE and therefore requires a lot of code writing, it allows for a lot of freedom on what can be made. It has a very great active community both on the forums and the Discord channel.

  • ArtAseprite. Aseprite is a fantastic tool designed specifically for pixel art. I tried a few other tools before using Aseprite, and found Aseprite to be much better for making 2d pixel art.

    You can pay $20 for Aseprite on Steam, or you can even build it from source code for free.

  • LevelsTiled. Tiled is a powerful 2D level editor, which has lots of extra features. It can export .lua files, which can feed directly into Love2d via the STI library.


  • Android – To test the game on mobile, the Love2d Android app can be used together with Termux and git for quick updates and testing of changes. For compiling APKs, Android Studio was used with love-android the Android port of Love2d.

  • Coding Environment – Linux was the operating system, Vim was the code editor, and Git was used for version control.