In reference to Quake, Michael Abrash once said “After you finish the first 90% of a project, you have to finish the other 90%.”

Crownless is certainly not 90% done yet, even by that measure, but here’s my attempt to give some numbers about the current state of the game:

  • Engine - The engine and gameplay mechanics are basically 100% done.

  • Plot - The game story is about 20% finished. The game will have 5 acts, of which the first is now done.

  • Enemies - There are 17 types of enemies in the game now, but there is no real target for how many will end up in the game. Right now there is 1 boss fight, out of a total of probably 6 or 7.

  • Map - The map is about 1/3rds done. The game will have about 60 rooms, and 23 are in the game right now:

There’s obviously still a lot left to do, but now it will be mostly art and level design related.

The next big task will be to release a closed demo on the Google Play store. Hopefully I’ll have more on that topic soon.